Leadership Development at the University of Copenhagen – Københavns Universitet

Leadership Development at the University of Copenhagen

Leadership development takes high priority at the University of Copenhagen. Since 2009, the focus has been on developing leaders individually as well as in groups in the "Leadership Development at UCPH" program (LUKU). Information on the ongoing activities, Phase 3 2015-2017, can be found below.

Prior to the program, a leadership policy for UCPH was drawn up on the basis of in-depth interviews with employees and senior university staff. Six leadership skills were identified in this process, all of which are important for exercising good leadership in UCPH. The leadership policy forms the basis for activities in the LUKU program. See the “Good Leadership at UCPH" brochure in the box on the right.

Leadership development - individual

The core activity in the first phase - LUKU1 (2009-2011) - is a basic process focusing on the personal leadership skills of individual managers. The basic process consists of 3 x 2 day residential sessions with 360 degree feedback and learning groups. About 700 leaders have been through the process since 2009. The basic process continues to be offered to those new to the role of leadership. See the basic process brochure in the box to the right.

LUKU1 also included leadership seminars for managers at the level of the larger group of top managers including heads of departments, including yearly seminars on current UCPH issues, and also inspiration seminars on tools for use in individual leadership duties.

Leadership development for management teams

The focus of the second phase, LUKU2, (2012-2014) is on anchoring leadership development in management teams. All management teams in line management were offered specially designed development processes matched to individual teams' current challenges and needs. The process focused on supporting teams' on-going development and hence their interaction and collaboration on the team's management duties and interaction with other levels of leadership in UCPH.

The process typically includes the following: Discussions with the team leader, a ½ day meeting with the whole management team, a 1½ day residential session for the whole team and a ½ day follow-up meeting for the whole team. About 60 teams have completed the process by now. See the LUKU2 brochure in the box to the right.

Leadership development - Phase 3

The third phase of the LUKU programme 2015-2017 focuses on the following:

  • Close leadership: Offering for leaders of centres, sections and team/research team leaders, etc. For example: courses and workshops on conflict resolution; managing research groups; navigating in complex political environments.
  • New to the leadership role: Introduction to common UCPH documentation, supplemented with a faculty-by-faculty introductory process to ensure that when researchers get leadership assignments, they are ready for the task.
  • Learning groups for Heads of Departments: Peer learning and inspiration in facilitated groups og HoDs.

LUKU1 and LUKU2 activities will be continuing to a certain extent in the period from 2015 -2017.

Good outcomes for individual leaders and leader teams

For individuals, the leadership programs have enabled them to develop their leadership and management skills, they have gained an academic leadership network at UCPH and they have become sharper in their leadership roles.

For management teams, the processes have contributed towards greater understanding of - and collaboration on - the team's shared duties, increased interaction between layers of leadership and helped solve specific current common tasks, such as strategic and organisational development.